Saving you from Dangerous Diseases, Vitamin K2

SinVitamin-K2ce its inception in 1929, vitamin K has been known for its crucial role in the blood-clotting and bone strengthening process. Since then scientists has been working to find out more and more about this magical Vitamin K2 to keep the bones healthy.

The focus of research on the group of vitamin K has been on vitamin K1, which is the dominant form of vitamin K which is found in green, leafy vegetables. Other variant which is vitamin K2, occurs in organ meats, egg yolks, and dairy products, is a more important one when it comes to bone mineralization in human bone structure.

Calcium is another important mineral foe the body, but deposit of calcium can be deadly for the body. Normally, calcium deposits are found in two parts of the body i.e. bone and teeth. On the other hand abnormal deposits of calcium in the body may occur in three places i.e. the inner lining of the arteries (the intima) where athero-sclerotic plaque accrues; the muscle layer of arteries and most deadly is heart valves. Vitamin K2 is found to very effective in controlling deposits of calcium in arteries and heart valves and can save you from heart diseases or in worst cases heart failure.

Seebio health care is premium quality Vitamin K2 supplements supplier, taking these supplements can help you remain safe from these deadly diseases.


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